League of Dapper Gentlemen

The Search Begins

After gathering together a group of chosen investigators, Kyrvalen and Isaac Green shared what details they had of the case. Shauranna Rakesko, an aide to Royal Minister Yarik Freul, disappeared from her room on the evening of Far (it is now Sul), the room showed fire damage and signs of a struggle. Freul and Rakesko were in Sharn for the annual meeting with Onatar priests.

The group decided to start at the scene of the crime and proceeded to the Sovereign Towers Inn in the Temple District. They queried the innkeeper and found out that they were they were the 7th group of investigators to show up asking about the missing Shauranna case. He let us know that Inquisitives in every precinct were notified today of the case. The group proceeded to go through the room looking for clues, and found little that had not been already gone through. It looks like she was taken through a window, and it looks like the fire damage was possibly in self defense. Also, it looks like she was taken a couple of hours before morning. Looking out the window, its a two story drop, and the road below ends in a bridge to another tower area (and in a drop to the lower levels).

The investigators then split up, professor Octavius stayed to scour the room for anything left behind as evidence, with the warforged, Crusher of Nine staying to protect him. Rsexak left to meet with his contacts about the case, and the others went to query The Watch about the disappearance. Turam Inia was on watch that night, and Commander Bananth Hururik is leading the case, having doubled the amount of searchers across the city. The group agreed to meet up at the office around dinnertime.

The group reconvened after gathering information, and the following facts were gathered:

  • There is a new organization in town, they were one of the groups of investigators (Inquisitives) to show up at the Inn, they have a very specific insignia
  • A piece of a necklace was found by the professor
  • Freul is a lower noble, basically an accountant for the Crown, no overtly known enemies

The group then decided to proceed to the Headquarters of the Watch to get more information from the people on the scene.

Everyone, please fill in your character names, I lost my notes with that had all of them and not everyone has filled out a character sheet on here.

Random Background Notes:

  • It is currently the month of Ran (septemberish)
  • The days of the week in Eberron are Sul, Mol, Zol, Wir, Zor, Far, Sar (roughly Sunday through Saturday equivalent)
  • Sovereign Towers is part of the Temple District, its middle class, Middle Wards.
  • Freul is now in Wroat where he operates from
  • Shauranna was Freul’s only travelling aide
  • Onatar is the god of the forge & craft & merchants
Puzzle Defeated
The new group meets each other for the first time

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