League of Dapper Gentlemen

Sticky Wicket?

Meeting Yarik Freul

Kyrvalen’s Field Notes:

Get off the lightning rail, asked the Guards if they had seen the mage (Fieran who we are now looking for)

Head to local Tavern, around 5pm early evening

The Hairy Boar Inn
3 stories, docks-style dive bar, furniture is very old but very well kept up, near the lightning rail station

Bartender is large older half orc (the Hairy Boar) – clean mug, clean rag, etc.

Dwarf is in dark back corner, a few humans sitting around,

Dwarf motions the goblin over, starts discussing business as he is the new contact

Spent 42g getting 2 rooms (1 night + food + hot springs bath) + information


  • Was she with him the entire time, did she disappear at all when she was with him during his visit to the soverign host
  • What kind of areas would she frequent, where would she go if she was in trouble, what were her contacts here?
  • Was he successful getting the Royal Guard on the case? Have there been any updates to the search?
    About Fieran:
  • Library, any contacts with the sovereign host here?


NOTES from Yarik:
Frequented a cafe “down the block” – Bob’s Bistro
She did not have lunch with him and they were in different hotels
Parents Travelling, Older Brother is here named Taryn.
Was given the trip as sort of a mini vacation
Never took off the locket

Sebastian = Yarik Freul – Oh dude I’m in trouble! – The Spymaster!
Sharaunna – found but did take it but lost it and found Fieran on the lightning rail and saved him from the book
Fieran – has memory back
The Elf Guy – Lief – Church of the Silver Flame – Affianced of Sharaunna

A Sticky Wicket – they had an artifact of great power that they really cannot keep – Sharaunna was tasked with taking this
Cult of Khyber is after this book – it has a ritual for raising Khyber
Was in position inside Soverign host to steal the book


Nydewien Kyrvalen

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